Turnkey Contracting Services

Teknokon Industry provides turnkey “EPC” services in disciplines of engineering, procurement, manufacture, construction, installation and commissioning in the projects needed by its customers with the other companies under the umbrella of Teknokon Group.

Teknokon Group, thanks to the flexibility granted by its organization, absolutely suits contracting strategies of the customers of Teknokon Endüstri. It can jointly or severally undertake the “E” - Engineering part, the “P” - Procurement part, and the “C” - Construction part of a project developed in this context. Thus, it allows for grounds for the most productive agreement according to the contracting strategies of its customers.

Teknokon Industry can minimize the problems faced in work performances by using the resources both within itself and in Teknokon Group and successfully implement the priorities of quality, occupational safety and work program. Teknokon, thanks to these methods used, completes quality and safe projects undertaken without delay in the work program, and meticulously works in order for every project to add value to its employer and in order for expenditures made in the operational process to decrease.

Teknokon completely fulfils all requirements arising from local and international legislation and standards in all its contracts. It can easily adapt to the projects of American, European or the other international norms according to the customers’ needs, and it has a high level of experience.

For Teknokon Industry, working with adoption of the philosophy of “Zero Accident”, what is in the first place has always been the employees’ safety. Following its own-developed occupational safety book even beyond the international norms and expectations, Teknokon Industry attaches the greatest importance to the human and to the environment.