Air Separation

Air Separation Facilities Installation Services

Teknokon Endüstri offers turnkey installation services for the installation of cryogenic or air separation plants from past to present. It provides turnkey construction, mechanical and electrical-instrument installation services to leading technology companies in air separation technologies or to investors who supply systems from these companies. Heavy lifting plans that will be needed during the installation of air separation plants can be solved with our own engineer staff.

Within the Scope of Installation of Air Separation Facilities;



Construction Works:

• Site Preparation Operations (fencing, ground concrete, exterior lighting, pre-installation area)
• Pile and Reinforced Concrete Foundation Manufacturing for Buildings
• Process Equipment Basics
• Steel Superstructure Installation Services




Mechanical Installation Works:

• Main Air Compressor / Main Air Compressor (MAC)
• Auxiliary Compressors / Booster Air Compressor (BAC)
• Adsorption Unit
• Main Heat Exchangers
• Air Distillation Columns / Cold Box, Argon Cold Box
• Pressurization System
• Separation and Purification Columns (Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen)
• Liquefied Oxygen Storage
• Liquefied Argon Storage
• Cooling Water System


Electrical-Instrument Installation Works:

• Grounding and Lighting Systems
• Power Distribution Systems
• Transformer Systems
• Instrument Assemblies
• Communication Systems