Kazan Montaj Hizmetleri

Boiler Installation Services

In today’s thermal power plants are used industrial boilers in many facilities that need steam such as solid waste incineration and power generation facilities, chemical process industry, food industry. Teknokon Endüstri offers many types of boiler installation services such as solid fuel boilers, gas & liquid fuel boilers, waste heat boilers, biomass boilers using different heat sources from past to present. Turnkey construction, mechanical and electrical-instrumentation services are also provided to leading technology companies in Industrial Boiler systems or to investors who supply systems from these companies. The heavy lifting plans that will be needed during the installation of power plants facilities can be easily solved with our own engineer staff.

Within the Scope of Boiler Installation Services;

Construction Works:
•    Site Preparation Operations (fencing, ground concrete, exterior lighting, pre-installation area)
•    Boiler Base
•    Steel Superstructure Installation Services

Mechanical Installation Works:
•    Heavy Lifting Activities
•    Boiler Panels Installation
•    Installation of Equipment such as Dom (Dram), Boiler Bundle, Economizer, Blowdown Tank, Nozzle, etc.
•    Boiler Piping (Plate and Pipe Welds)
•    Chemical Cleaning Works
•    Steam Blowing

Electrical-Instrument Installation Works:
•    Re- Circulation Pump Systems
•    Instrument Installations
•    Communication Systems