Installation Works of Mining Plants

The mining industry, which has an indispensable place in human and social life has been throughout history, one of the factors that played the most effective role in reaching the level of technology and welfare of developed countries.

The rich geological and tectonic structure of our country has made it possible to find a wide variety of mineral deposits.

Teknokon Endüstri provides turnkey construction, mechanical and electrical-instrumentation services to leading technology companies or investors who supply systems from these companies, with mining facility installation scopes in different parts of our country and the world. The heavy lifting plans that will be needed during the mining facility installation can be easily resolved with our own engineer staff.

Within the Scope of Mining Facilities Installation Services;

Construction Works:

•    Site Preparation Operations (excavation and filling, ground concrete, exterior lighting, pre-installation area)
•    Equipment Basics
•    Steel Superstructure Installation Services
•    Switchgear Buildings
•    Treatment Pools


Mechanical Installation Works

•    Tank Installation (carbon steel, LDX, super duplex and alloy material)
•    Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Pipe Installation
•    Cooling Tower
•    Acid Pump Tank
•    Heat Exchangers
•    Conveyors
•    Grinder Crushers
•    Mechanical Densification Equipment


Electrical-Instrument Installation Works

•    Pump Control and Feeding Systems
•    Process Instrumentation
•    Communication Systems
•    Engine Feeding Panels
•    Electricity Distribution Panels
•    Cabling