Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric Acid Plant Installation

Sulfuric acid is a critical chemical used in many sectors such as fertilizer production facilities, thermal power plants, sugar factories, iron and steel industry.

Teknokon Endüstri has become the first Turkish Contractor to do business in Cuba by taking part in the scope of assembly at the Moa Sulfuric Acid Facility in Cuba.  

In addition, it provides turnkey construction, mechanical and electrical-instrumentation services to leading technology companies or investors who supply systems from these companies, with the scope of sulfuric acid plant installation, in different points of our country. The heavy lifting plans that will be needed during the installation of the sulfuric acid plant can be easily solved with our own engineer staff.

Within the scope of Sulfuric Acid Plant Installation Services;

Construction Works:

•    The Basics
•    Structural Steel / Secondary Steel
•    Reinforced Concrete Structures
•    Rainwater and Drainage Collection Systems
•    Infrastructure Systems
•    Excavation-Fill

Mechanical Installation Works

•    Cooling Towers
•    Drying Columns
•    Oven
•    Reactor
•    Heat Exchanger
•    Acid Coolers
•    Waste Heat Boilers
•    Conveyor and Auxiliary Systems
•    Absorber
•    Carbon Steel, Stainless, Steam and Alloy Pipes
•    Mondi Cast Acid Pipes

Electrical-Instrument Installation Works

•    Control Systems
•    Process Instrumentation
•    Communication Systems 
•    Engine Feeding Panels
•    Electricity Distribution Panels
•    Cabling