Endüstriyel İskele Hizmetleri

Industrial assembly operations like mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumental assemblies and painting operations requires work in a lot of high altitude and hard to reach places. Correct choosing and use of scaffolding is important in providing a secure and efficient work in these disiplinaries.

Teknokon Endüstri provides secure access in an industrial facility in all disiplinaries as well as presenting efficiency improving scaffolding solutions. Teknokon Endüstri, with 1800 tons of flanged scaffolding material that follows EN12810 and EN12811 criterias in its storage, provides turn key solutions that includes assembly.

As Teknokon Endüstri we aim to deliver these scaffolding solutions by prioritizing customer satisfaction, providing 7/24 services when necessary and by making no concessions to workplace safety.

Our firm aims to be your long term partner in these projects with workplace safety experts in scaffolding, scaffolding inspectors, supervizors and assembly crews in its establishment.
Fields of Application:
   •  Combined cycling plants
   •  Hydroelectrical plants
   •  Refineries
   •  Pipe lines
   •   Petrochemical plants
   •  Docksyards
   •  Water treatment plants
   •  Mines