Mechanical Installation Services

Mechanical Installation Services

Teknokon Endüstri has proven the know-how it has gained in the projects it has undertaken with its experienced white and blue collar employees, as well as reference projects. Teknokon, with its employees and the experience it has accumulated over a long period of time, provides all employers in the field with the assurance that they can work together in electro-mechanical assembly projects of any size and difficulty.
The company culture and technical library, which was formed as a result of the experience of Teknokon Endüstri over many years, allows the expectations of employer companies to be met without deviating from occupational safety, quality, budget and business plan.
Teknokon Endüstri’s relationship with employer companies based on full trust, does not allow during the project, of stakeholders to experience surprises on the main issues of the project. Thanks to the in-house created planning and reporting formats, it is possible to monitor the project completely and completely at any time.
To summarize the sectors in which Teknokon Endüstri specializes in electro-mechanical installation services;
• Power plants
• Oil refineries
• Air separation plants
• Mining facilities and refineries
• Iron and steel factories
• Paper mills
• Food facilities 

In the mentioned sectors, Teknokon Endüstri offers mechanical installation services within the scopes given below;

• Process Piping, Spool
• Process Equipment
• Steam and Gas Turbines
• Steam Boilers
• Heat Recovery Steam Generators
• Waste Heat Recovery Units
• Auxiliary Boilers
• Compressors
• Generators
• Pumps
• Field Storage and Process Tanks
• Pressurized and Atmospheric Containers
• Drums
• Conveyors
• Cooling towers
• Chimneys
• Heat Exchangers
• Modular units
• Skids


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